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“Wine is not just an object of pleasure,

but an object of knowledge

and the pleasure depends on the knowledge.”

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Surprise! Just recently we told you how cool the campervan wine tour is, writing an ode to this true gourmet experience for campers and not only.

Here it is, just a few days after that, the first Campertrips Wine Trip is already a reality! We’ve prepared a great campervan wine tour itinerary for you, and all you have to do is book a campervan to enjoy a 3- or 6-day wine tasting tour with sightseeing in Bulgaria.

A Campertrips wine tour is a sensory experience that, in addition to the adventure of wild camping, will bring you closer to the pleasure of the most ancient of beverages – wine, and right at harvest time!

For you, our customers, we at Campertrips have created a special wine route that takes you around some of the most interesting wineries in Bulgaria, such as Chateau Rupel, Orbelus Winery and Villa Melnik, without missing any of the sights in the interestingly rich Struma region. 

The Campertrips wine trip, besides a tasting tour* of the wineries by campervan, includes an intriguing additional program with folk dances, delicious varied food*, sightseeing tours such as: a walk through the vineyards during the grape harvest, participation in the 2021 grape harvest, a bike trail to the Orbellus winery, a visit to Zlatolist and St. Stoina, a visit to the town of Melnik and the Wine Museum, a walk to the Rozhen Monastery, a walk to the sand tunnel at the village of  Lyubovishte and Skoka waterfall, visit to Rupite and the temple of Grandmother Vanga, wild camping at the Big Meadow with its healing waters, visit to the excavations of the ancient city of Herakleia Sintica, visit to Samuil’s fortress and a luxurious SPA experience with an overnight stay at Mantar Camping*.

An unforgettable adventure in a luxury 5 star hotel on wheels that gives you all the freedom and pleasure in the world! A true utopia for the upcoming weekend!

So that even people with overly busy schedules and work commitments can take advantage of our Campervan Wine Trip, we’ve split the adventure into short and long tours for the most convenience: 3 days of just cellars and chateaus or 6 days of cellars and chateaus and sightseeing. The distance covered will be about 400 km. – Round trip, round trip and return, and our modern, luxurious and extremely easy to use campervans allow overnight accommodation and transport for 4 to 6 people.

Sounds more than awesome and adventurous, doesn’t it? Time to spend the weekend drinking wine amidst picturesque vineyards just in time for grape harvest! Book your campervan for the Campertrips Wine Trip now!

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Here is the interesting program of the Campertrips Wine Trip, the program is divided into 3 and 6 days, according to the wishes of the group:

Day 1:

1. 1:
– Sorting luggage;
– Detailed briefing by the team;
– departure at 10am
2. Arrival at 12pm at the chateau of Rupel winery.
3. Tasting:
Guided tour of the winery, visit to the vineyard and tasting of 3 wines with lunch on a pre-menu, for a group of minimum 10 people
4. Free time until 6 pm
With the possibility of walking in the vineyards, cycling on the cycle path to the Orbelus winery or relaxing in the campers or in the gazebo and around the duck pond of Château Rupel.
5. Dinner at Château Rupel after 6pm

Day 2:

1. Breakfast at the winery and departure
2. Visit to the village of. Zlatolist and temple of St. Stoina
3.Arrival at Orbelus winery at 15h.
Late lunch and tasting, including wines from the special selection “Secrets of Orbelus” and a talk with the winery’s technologist.
4. Short break
5. Preparation for BBQ – dinner (everyone prepares his own) and overnight in the courtyard of the winery or Kromidovo camping (optional and by prior arrangement).

Day 3:
1. Breakfast (everyone prepares their own) and departure
2. Visit to the Wine Museum and the Kordopul House in Melnik


Walk to Rozhen Monastery (Rozhen-Melnik eco-trail) with views of the Melnik pyramids).

3. Arrival at 12:30pm at Villa Melnik and parking the campers at a location with 360 degree views of 5 mountains and vineyards.

4. Tour of the winery and underground tunnels , talk about the production process and tasting of 5 top wines of local and international varieties.

5. 16:00h Painting with wine (with prior request)

6. Dinner with interesting local delicacies prepared by the hosts Villa “Melnik”.


The following days are for relaxation, walks and real camping

Day 4:

2. 10 am Departure to the sand tunnel near the village of Lyubovishte and Skoka waterfall

3. Arrival and parking the campers on the big meadow of Rupite. Visit to the temple of Grandmother Vanga.
4. Lunch. On prior request we can order fresh meatballs from a local producer to be waiting for us at Villa Melnik.
4. Free time for rest and mud baths at the mineral springs
5. BBQ dinner preparation

Day 5:
1. Breakfast (everyone provides their own)
2. Visit to the excavations of the ancient city of Heraclea Syntytica- considered one of the new 10 wonders of the world
2. The fortress of Samuel
3. Arrival and accommodation at Mantar Camping, with an outdoor swimming pool open until the end of October. Opposite the campsite is a 4**** hotel with a spa, and a restaurant where those wishing can have lunch and/or dinner.
5. Free time for rest. Optional visit to the spa complex of the Mantar Hotel.
6. Dinner in the hotel restaurant or BBQ on the campers – at the choice of the group
7. Overnight at Mantar campsite

Day 6

1. Breakfast in the restaurant of the hotel “Mantar” or on the campers – choice

2. Free time for spa and beach at the outdoor pools, walks and departure to Sofia.

For questions and inquiries about the cost of the complete Campertrips Wine Trip experience, please contact us by contact form.

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You will experience the freedom to travel by camper

You will visit interesting places and sights

You will taste the top wines of 3 Bulgarian wineries

You will spend wonderful moments with your family and friends

You will learn interesting things about outdoor camping and the wine production process





pick some grape

take a look at the cellars

enjoy the camping


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