camper image Sunliving A 60 SP


This model belongs to the category Alcove mothorhome (bedroom above the cabin).

It has beds for 5 people. Double bed in the back, double bed above the cabin and conversion of the living room into a single bed. When the bed above the cabin is not in use, it can be retracted to the ceiling, which frees up additional space.


Prices and conditions

For the time of renting you need to pay a deposit, which will be refunded when you return the camper in good condition, after inspection by our team.

The indicated prices are in BGN per day.

Minimum time for renting a camper – 4 days.

High Season

from 01.05 - untill 30.09
from 15.12 - untill 05.01
from 03.04 - untill 11.04
3 - 7 days - 260 lv./per day
8 - 14 days - 250 lv./per day
over 14 days - 240 lv./per day

Deposit: 1200 lv.

Mid Season

from 01.10 - until 10.11
from 06.01 - until 06.02
from 12.04 - until 30.04
3 - 7 days - 240 lv./per day
8 - 14 days - 230 lv./per day
over 14 days - 220 lv./per day

Deposit: 1200 lv.

Low Season

from 11.11 - until 15.12
from 07.02 - until 02.04
3 - 7 days - 220 lv./per day
8 - 14 days - 210 lv./per day
over 14 days - 200 lv./per day

Deposit: 1200 lv.

Documents and information

Camper rental agreement

Here you can download and view the camper rental agreement.

Camper rent terms and conditions

Here you can download and view the camper rent terms and conditions.

Most preferred packages

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BBQ Package

10 lv. per day (max 60 lv.)
BBQ package offers customers rental of barbecue utensils and a gas bottle.
More Equipment
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Comfortable return

120 lv. one-time
Comfortable return is a package that provides customers with the opportunity to return the camper at the end of the rental period, as the company undertakes external and internal cleaning, refueling ( fuel price is deducted from the deposit ), draining the wastewater tank and cleaning the toilet.


Once you have completed your booking request, we will contact you to confirm the availability and our  ability to provide you the necessary services.

For additional questions do not hesitate to contact us at the listed contacts.

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