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When you take a house on wheels for the first time, you have no patience to go to a fairy-tale place. Inevitably, however, the first meeting brings in many questions. When you rent a camper from Campertrips, you receive a lot of attention and detailed instructions.

In this article we will provide you with some guidelines for beginners to think in advance, or not to miss, when arranging your trip.

  1. Select route and place for overnight accommodation.
    This is perhaps the most important step for beginners. If you are on a camper for the first time and there is no experienced campers around, it would be most reasonable if go to a camping site and book your place in advance. There will always be someone who can give you a hand or at least consult you, if issues arise.
    However, if you are bolder and still prefer wild camping, consider the following advice:
    • the solar equipment needs a direct access to sunlight for active charging;
    • the location you select must be flat enough to ensure that you can level the camper with minimal intervention;
    • the soil under your tires must be stable enough to avoid getting stuck.
  2. Don’t waste water
    As large as your wheel house’s reservoir can be, remember that it is not a well and alas, you can be out of water. If you have undertaken a wild camping, be sure to look around for a nearby roadside water source.
    If you use paper towel for your dishes after meal, you will save time and water needed for washing.
  3. BBQ – it is the easiest and most practical way to prepare your food.
    Once you have lit the barbecue, take advantage of that and prepare a larger amount of food, that would suffice for another meal; it will save you time that you can spend admiring the nature or doing your favourite sport, for example.
  4. Levelling the camper
    Important detail concerning the quality sleep, cooking, as well as draining water in the bath. If you do not have a level at hand, you can use a smartphone application.
  5. Overall dimensions of the camper!
    If you are driving a camper for the first time, and especially if you have no experience of manoeuvring and driving such a long and high vehicle, then you should not forget to look more frequently in the mirror and to get enough space in a sharper turn. Lower branches could also be a problem and you should keep that in mind, when passing near trees.
    And to save serious troubles on the trip, avoid narrow streets in small towns, as you can get stuck.
    Study in advance your route if you have the option.
  6. Compile a list with everything you need before you leave.
    We at Campertrips can help with practical sports, comfort and entertainment packages so you don’t have to take everything from home.
  7. The electrical appliances you take shall comply with the power capacity available in the camper.
    For using hair-dryer, coffee-maker and other appliances of over 1000 kw you need to make provision for a powerful inverter (see Internal Electricity Package – High power) to avoid short circuits in the electric power supply.
    You can charge laptops, phones, music speakers, cameras, etc. with the small 400-1000 W inverters we offer (see package – Internal Electricity – Low Power).

We at love nature and try to avoid polluting.
Please check thoroughly for waste before leaving your place in order to keep our small planet clean and to enjoy adventures.

Best regards!

The Campertrips team

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