С кемпер под наем, на море




This summer you want something new, something different, but what could it be?
Well, it is summer, let us rely on the favourite blue, but! let us get the adrenaline up.
If you have not done it until now, it is time to experience it – a camper trip.
Imagine you wake up in the morning and while you are still in bed, you see – right between your toes – the rising sun, lighting up the sea, as flat as a plate-glass window, and the whole horizon. Well, it’s a wonderful beginning of the day, quite definitely. You choose how to go on.
Yoga, sup paddle board, windsurf,  kite surf, jogging along the beach, riding a bike… these are just some of the sports you can practice near or in the water. And Campertrips gives you the opportunity to wake up in a new, cosy camper literally meters away from it.
From the north to the south, our Black Sea coast abounds in suitable places for both wild camping and regular campsite camping. Starting from Durankulak, Krapets, Shabla, Tyulenovo, Kamen Bryag, Kaliakra, Topola, Balchik … and all the way to Varna you will enjoy views that would calm even the most turbulent soul, or would satisfy the lack of adrenaline in the past working days. Krapets, for example, is one of the most preferred kite surf destinations in Bulgaria.

The coastal area south-east of Bourgas is even more dotted with camping sites and pleasant places amidst nature:
Vromos, Chernomorets, Gradina, Smokinya, the Kavatsi, Coral, Varvara, Gardenia, Arapya, Ahtopol, Sinemorets and many, many others.
Who has not heard of Gradina?
For years now, wind surf and kite surf have been practised there, and on windless days paddle board or wakeboard can be practised too.

It’s just that any real traveller is far from being confined to the geographical latitude of their own country. And when we talk about blue, we cannot but mention the neighbouring Greece with its endless beaches. The Aegean Sea, of course, and being the closest we shall mention the sleeves of Halkidiki (Thalatta, Arcmenistis, Ouranoupoli), Peloponnese, and then we reach the real blue – the Ionian Sea. The fairy-tale Lefkada is a meeting point for both tourists and surfers. On one side of the island /the Vasiliki island/ are the windsurfers, and on the other side – the kite surfers.
Another option and route through Greece is taking a ferry from Igumenitsa to… Barry, for example. Yes, higher temperatures are more typical for Italy, but  will be back to this subject in a separate section.
You also have the choice to make your journey entirely on land and visit the Adriatic shores. The camping possibilities are so many there, that we cannot cover all of them. Starting from
Dubrovnik, Baska voda, Biograd na Moru,  Krak island, all the way to Istriian region – Pula, Porech, Rovin…
All you need is an adventure spirit and… a camper 😊

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